1 Elf, 2 Elves, THREE ELVES!

They're back!!!!!

Our original elf, Elfie, returned on December 1st. You may or may not know that last year he showed up with a baby and a birth certificate telling us we had a new girl elf named Tinsel. Let me just tell you about the excitement that was had in the house on that morning!

This year, he brought his wife. That's right, we have 3 elves! We didn't know her name and the kids left notes to find out what it was. They woke up the other morning to a hangman game drawn on the bathroom mirror. After several guesses, they finally figured out that her name was Holly. So now we have Elfie, Holly, and Tinsel. Woohoo!

This morning we found them in the kitchen where they were taking a baby break and letting little Tinsel lay on the play mat while they relaxed and watched. This excited Sloane because she knows that anytime the elves bring props, they leave them for her to keep and play with. She's excited about the play mat!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!