A Little School, A Little Pool

Finley had his first ZOOM meeting today. He didn't want to do it at all but when familiar faces started showing up, he was excited to see them. His math teacher just wanted to touch base with everyone. By the end of it, they're was only the teacher and 3 students in the meeting. His work for his IEP classes aren't mandatory, but suggested. We are, of course, doing them!

Not all teachers are on board yet. His Digital Arts teacher is trying to figure out how to even function since her class requires photoshop and illustrator programs. As far as ROTC goes, well.. the only thing we can practice is P.T. and Addison has been running with Finley. Let me rephrase that. Finley ran a mile the other day with her and she "almost" finished. He liked that! haha!

In other news, I think this office is due for a clean out and repaint! Just an observation...

Sloane got the baby pool out today. This is the pool that Addison made me buy them last year. I love that it doesn't take much to make them happy!

That water was FREEZING and she was struggling!

Would you just look at this kid?!

It didn't take long before the others starting freeloading off of Sloane's space!

After the pool, they did their daily trampoline games and exercise.

I took Owen and Stella down to see the pool. Stella has no interest whatsoever. Owen, will not pass up water. That's why he's on a leash or else he'd be in that lake water in the backyard!