A Relaxed Day!

This quarantine is making Sloane play with things she hasn't touched in a while. I'm loving that because it helps to keep her from being bored. This morning she decided to get out Addison's old dominos.

Here we go!

She asked if she could "try out" my camera today. I gave her my longest, most impressive lens and explained some things to her after I adjusted her settings. She LOVED it! I'll post some of her pictures soon.

I went inside for a minute and came out to her like this. She already looks like a pro!

Cracking up!

Also, Happy 5 Months to these two. They've definitely been through a lot together and 5 months doesn't do that time justice. We have so much fun with them and think they are pretty great together. They went to an open field by the lake and had a picnic to celebrate. Then, they came back and hung out with us.

Banner's comment about this picture was "Quarantine hair, don't care!" haha!

We played cornhole before the rain came. Did I mention that the Spring is a wonderful time to be in quarantine?