Blended Days

We've been keeping pretty busy during our time at home and have had very little complaints from everyone about being bored. Seeing how everyone on facebook acts like the quarantine is killing them and their kids are driving them crazy, well... I'd say Jeremy and I have it pretty easy!

Here's what we've been up to for the past few days...

Sloane had her first ZOOM meeting with her classmates. She was excited to show them her red hair. Her class plans on having weekly meetings with assignments that they can work on during the week.

Addison and Banner did more face masks and blackhead removers. They are becoming obsessed!

Jeremy and I cracked into an old hard drive that has almost stopped working and I was able to pull all of the videos and pictures. Remember this little girl? I'm recording this with my phone because I was sending it to Addison - so the quality is bad on here.

Stella has been doing what Stella does. Normally she does this while glued to my side but sometimes she must cuddle with herself!

Addison and Sloane made a project. They took a cereal box and made a vending machine for Sloane's small toys and IT WORKS!