Cheer Exhibition!

Today, Addison's cheerleading squad hosted an exhibition at the school. 10 teams came to perform one or two routines for family and friends. It helps get the girls ready for competitions, gets jitters out, and lets the families see what the girls have been working on. Finley and I worked a 2 hour shift in the concession stand. He loved it!

Addison's team performed their game day routine (which is what they placed 3rd in at Disney last year) and their "regular" routine. Here's a video of their regular routine. This is much harder than what they did at Disney last year when they only made it to semi-finals. A few flaws to work on, but this is a fantastic place to be in October! They did great!!

Addison is 2nd from the right in the beginning and then after the first stunt she's furthest on the right. She's also the one holding the letter "D".

This is one of Addison's stunt groups.

This is Addison's other stunt group.