It's the most wonderful DAY of the year! WE LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! This year the rule was "No one up before 6:30!" and so.... we were up at exactly 6:30!

One of my favorite things to watch year after year is when the kids all walk into the den to see what Santa brought and I just take a minute to always watch Addison. It is her sweetest moment of the whole year. She literally walks past her things without even looking and she goes straight over to Sloane and Finley's things to point out all of the cool things that they got. I swear she spent a good minute or two with them before even turning around to see what she had. That will always be the most memorable moments that I have year after year of her during Christmas.

Here they are all posing with the goods that Santa brought before digging in. Addison's loot is on the chair and ottoman to the right.

Sloane was so excited that she got a TV for her room!

Finley couldn't believe that he FINALLY got his first phone!

Addison was super happy about her laptop that she can use for school and also at home to watch movies on!

Christmas chaos!

Addison put together a cardboard piano that goes with a video game system that we already had.

Finley and Sloane were shocked that Santa brought hover boards because they have been asking for them for 3 years! Finley was so sweet helping Sloane learn how to use it!

Addison got an awesome makeup mirror! This was a huge hit!

Finley on the hover board with his new phone in his new pajama pants! lol!