Day Whatever Of Quarantine

I'll be honest. I was made for quarantine and it's a breeze to me. Everyone whose kids are "driving them nuts", well... I don't get it. I guess that I feel like I've lived through a bit of seclusion with Finley through the years (especially when he was younger). I have spent the past 10+ years telling the kids that we are "creating a calm environment". That phrase has flown out of my month thousands of times. It's what we do. Our house is our chill. Our expectations are chill. I'm so proud of my kids and their chill during this time. We will get bored, we will try and find things to do, but we will remain chill.

Toot, toot! That's our horn!

Hang out in the tent, change clothes for the day, repeat...

And repeat...

Meanwhile, Addison is in Knoxville in quarantine at Banner's step-dad's house. She's relaxing and Banners helping build a fence.

Other than a couple of quick grocery trips, Jeremy is the only one getting out. He had another gig with Jered. I'm not sure how long they will last, but they are sure helpful during this time!