Disney - Day FIVE!


We FINALLY have Addison with us. This is her one free day at the parks and she wanted to make sure that she was with us for it. She knows that we crush amusement parks!!!

We took an Uber to her hotel at the crack of dawn and then headed to Hollywood Studios to wait patiently with thousands of other people for the most outrageous Star Wars ride ever made. The entire crowd stands there with their cell phones and at 8:am, you go on the Disney park app and pray to the gods of Disney that you can claim a boarding pass for the ride for the day. It was SO stressful, but we got in boarding group 40-something! YAY!!!!!! So many people were not so lucky and couldn't get on it because they were out of passes.

This is what waiting for a boarding pass looks like...

And this is what waiting for a boarding pass looks like with my family...

We were excited to show Addison everything in the Star Wars area!

We had an early fast pass for this ride and it was one of our favorites! Going 0 to 60mph at 9:am is a force to be reckoned with! For real!

Our 2nd ride for the day was the Millennium Falcon. Turns out that Addison is a terrible pilot! Just thought you should know. ;)

Someone is excited about being at the parks!

Finley and Sloane were excited to meet some of the Star Wars characters!

Finley was telling Rey where Kylo Ren was. She was trying to stay away from him.

Sloane bought a Porg that sat on her shoulder. It just so happens that Chewbacca likes to eat them. She wasn't having any of that!

So many awesome things around here!!

Still excited!

We finally had our boarding pass number called and we rode the Rise of the Resistance. Holy smokes it was amazing. You were basically in the movie, walking around, riding in escape pods, and being chased. Can not compute! Too much to process!

Later that evening Finley and Jeremy had an appointment to make Light Sabers!

They were proud boys!

We finished the day with dinner reservations at a restaurant that was straight out of the 50's.

We ate, sent Addison back to her hotel on a bus, and would see her the next day back in Tennessee. We were so happy for this experience. It has been a full week!