Disney - Day THREE!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Here we go!!!! We woke up early and headed to Animal Kingdom! Avatar is the MAJOR ride there and last year Addison waited 4 hours to ride it. NOT US!!! We got there early and were on it in 15 minutes and that was spent walking through scenery. This was a huge success! It was a crazy awesome ride and Jeremy and I are officially suffering from motion sickness and aging.

This is a picture of the outside. It was stunning!

We're next!!!!

Sloane was playing around with one of the dragons in the gift shop. We left it there because it was only $100! Geez!

This is what all of our faces looked like when we spotted Kevin, the endangered bird, from the movie "Up".

Sloane trying on hats.

Cruising through the lines!

We finally met up with Addison because she had another competition. Look at this pretty girl!

Sloane and Tana hanging out.

Tough day for the girls at competition today! They had some falls and didn't do near as well as they had hoped or were expected to do. Had there routine gone perfectly, it would have been a clean sweep because there difficulty level was so much higher than everyone else. This ended the competition for them and was a hard day to swallow. We are so proud of how far they have come and how much they have elevated this program this year!