Disney - Day FOUR!

This was the day we've been waiting for! Our plan is to do 2 days of Star Wars. One without Addison (she's busy watching other teams compete) and tomorrow WITH Addison. We're holding off on a few things today because we want to wait until she is with us.

This place is AMAZING!!! We bounced around the entire park and rode everything, but we spent the majority of our time in the Star Wars area.

Holy Millennium Falcon!

Oh crap! This scared me so badly, for some reason, that I turned the camera off when he approached me. Here's where I turned it back on. They were trying to find Chewbacca and Sloane was NOT going to tell them where he was hiding!

Having some strange drinks at the Cantina Bar.

While this looked like cotton candy, pop rocks, and chocolate balls, it wasn't! It was from another planet!

We have now reached the Millennium Falcon ride!

This is Jeremy and Sloane piloting the ride. I recorded because it was so crazy.

Motion sickness much?

We caught a show with all of the cast!

This is the only picture outside of Star Wars that I took. Sloane in Toy Story Land. Too funny!