Disney - Day ONE!

Holy Early Morning! We had BIG plans for the day! I have to say from the start that we NEVER waited in a single ever at Disney! We are that good! We woke up early every morning and headed straight to the ride that typically would have the longest line. The meant that we were on it within the first 10 to 15 minutes (walking the whole time). Between that plan, fast passes, and Finley's disability pass, we sailed through the days. It took serious planning and being really strategic about what we did and when we did it, but it worked!!!

Here's our very first ride, The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! This is my FAVORITE photo!!!!

It's A Small World. I just love this one!

Sloane's favorite Disney character is Stitch.

Finley was on a mission to find this sword and pull it out of the stone. It didn't work out too well.

Sloane gets an "A" for facial expressions!

Sloane wanted this dessert and every dessert SOOOO bad!

Meeting more characters!

Blue eyes and the big yellow thing in the sky don't always mix!

These birds were everywhere! Yes, Sloane, feed him our $85 popcorn! haha!

Getting SO tired at the end of the day!

It's 7:30pm. Do you know where your kids are? Mine are sleeping for the night!

Meanwhile, Addison and her cheer squad spent the day getting ready for competitions!