Disney - Day TWO!

Well, we got here early! This was the mob behind us. We have a plan each day to show up early and get on the hardest ride and boy did it pay off today! While everyone ran to the Seven Dwarfs ride (which we rode yesterday), we headed straight to the Peter Pan ride which averages a 90 minute wait.

We spent a little time at this park but since we were hear yesterday, we went to Epcot shortly after.

This would be a picture of Jeremy. We were the first people on the Peter Pan ride for the day!


I love this one!

No one loves a Disney Princess like Finley!

This was one of Finley's favorite moments. Rapunzel, who is known for smacking men in the head with a frying pan, asked Finley to show her his frying pan arm. He cried laughing about this for 2 days!

Guess to didn't go on the spinning Teacups. The two old people!