Easy Now, 2020!

This year has kicked our butts! I started the year with pleurisy, a sinus infection, and bronchitis. This lasted almost 3 weeks and I still have a slight couch. Jeremy got a cold funk with cough. Addison caught it and I put her on my strong medicine which helped her recover with only 1 missed day of school. Now Sloane has it! She missed school yesterday and today, but the good news is that she tested negative for the flu. The doctor put her on steroids just to help her recover faster because all of her symptoms were flu symptoms. Knock on wood, Finley is the only one that has escaped this stuff! Let’s keep it that way!

Addison’s facial steamer that she got for Christmas has come in really handy while we’ve all been sick. It really helps to break up and then out all of the congestion. I believe that the doctor called me “brilliant“ for coming up with the idea to use it. I’ll take it!

We are really working hard to make this house germ free because we leave for Disney in less than two weeks!