Fall Break Nashville!

Jeremy and I planned a full day with Finley and Sloane during Fall Break while Jeremy had a day off. We went to Nashville to the Parthenon, which is someplace that we've never been. It was beautiful around the building. Note to self for future photography sessions! The Parthenon is a known place for photo sessions, but the grounds around it were so amazing! I was impressed!

The inside is a museum. Finley, of course, already knew so much about it. He kept talking about Athena being inside and could tell us every detail about her.

After the Parthenon, we went to eat and then headed to the movies to see The Addams Family!

Great date!

Finley loved these massive columns and insisted on striking a pose... or several poses. haha!

Here's a bit of Parthenon information. Who needs a tour guide when you have him?!

More posing!

Shortly after we got in, we found Athena! Or so we thought!

Beautiful doors!

When we went upstairs, we were shocked! THIS IS ATHENA! We had no idea that the one downstairs was just a tiny version of the big mammajamma upstairs!!

So coooooolllll!!!

Thanks for trying, Fin.

Jeremy rented scooters!

Here's Sloane's driving lesson. She ended up riding on her own.