Fall Cheer Party / Scavenger Hunt

The cheerleaders lost the first 2 weekdays of fall break because they had practice. LAME! However, they made up for it by having their fall party. They ate dinner together and then split into 4 teams for a scavenger hunt that spread all over town. They had 10 locations and, in the end, the girls all agreed that the hardest clue was "It's next to a church, it's next to a steeple, it's a colorful sign, and sang by the Village People". That'll age ya! Addison was the first one to figure it out AFTER she googled "Village People" and the YMCA showed up. Oy!

Here's a photo of the girls after they all made it to the finish line. They were rewarded with ice cream because that was their last stop. By the way, Addison's team won!

And here's how it started! The parents and I are all sitting at the restaurant enjoying our food and I say, "Let me check Snapchat! I bet Addison is posting videos!" Sure enough, she was! And this was the video that I saw!

Their police encounter wasn't for speeding, to quote Addison... "We weren't speeding, he just saw Lillian run and grab something in the park and then drop something in it's spot and he just thought we were drug trafficking!"

No biggie....

They had to take a selfie at each location. Here's a pic that a parent took from one of the locations.

And here they are running to the finish line!

They were so excited!

A very fun night!