Finley's First Date!

A dream come true for Fin! A Marine Ball! I haven't gone into Finley's new obsession with ROTC, but I will. Soon!

A little over a month ago Finley got a note from a girl in his class that said "I have a crush on you. Would you be my boyfriend?" Finley, without a thought, said, "YES!" And so the quiet courtship of Finley and Paris began. Quiet? I've seen these 2 text (which happens about once every 2 weeks) and it couldn't not be more minimal. lol!

A couple of weeks ago one of the texts from Paris said, "Do you want to go to the Marine Corps Ball with me? Finley's head just about popped off of his tall, lanky body. "YES!!!", he responded! The only information that we could get out of Paris was that it was November 9th and it was $25 a ticket. I posted on the high school parent facebook page and asked if anyone could share any information with me. Thankfully, another parent sent me the paper about it.

And so... we headed out to buy a nice suit jacket!

After a huge shopping experience with Fin, we were able to pull together this nice look. I've never seen that kid so enthusiastic about shopping as he was for this outfit!

I was out a photo sessions while Jeremy was home helping Finley get ready. He was SO excited!

I took Finley to the event at the Lighthouse and of course Paris was 30 minutes late. We were both worried that she wasn't coming and were VERY relived when she showed up! VERY! Because she was late, I wasn't able to take pictures. Finley had already gone inside to sit at a table because the event was about to start and we decided that if she didn't show up that he would stay any way. Seriously, thank goodness that girl showed up!

I let Finley keep my phone so he had a way to contact us if needed. The rest of us headed to a function at the high school for Tip Off Dinner which kicks off basketball season. When we got home I texted him as asked if everything was ok and he said that he was having a good time. I asked him if he had taken any pictures of them together and he sent me this one saying, "I did now!"

Her sister stayed with them during the ball. So I told Finley to have the sister take a picture and he sent me this one saying, "Are you happy now?!" hahaha!

He texted me around 8:45pm saying that he would like to be picked up at 9:10pm. He told Paris that he had to leave at 9:10pm and she said that was ok. I asked him why 9:10pm and he said, "Seemed like a good time to leave..."

I'm cracking up at this kid!