Get Outside!

It's a beautiful day to be outside! Jeremy and I decided to start cleaning up the woods. Hmm... that's a big statement coming from this house. Ok, now that we own this house we just want to make it as neat as possible outside. There's a lot of neglected ground space that wasn't ours to tend to before and we didn't really want to invest in something that wasn't ours. It's a lot! We've decided to take it over now that we own it and try to keep things neat and low maintenance. On one side of our house is a neighbor and on the other side is woods. The area between us and the neighbor has a lot of brush that is really messy but separates the two properties. We cleaned our side out. We want to put some ground covering on it and only keep the big trees for now. We cut EVERYTHING else down. Check it out in the last picture.

Finley and Sloane hung out in the hammock while we cleaned up.

Then Sloane decided to do some chalk art.

Look at how neat our side looks!!!! So much better!! The messier side on the left is our neighbors, but our fancy side is so fancy!