Goodies with Grands

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Every year, Sloane's school has a day (an hour) that they call "Goodies with Grands". Basically, the grandparents go to the kids' classroom and have a morning snack with their grandchild. Because my mom is so close, she normally comes up for this representing all of you grandparents. This year, she had a friend come into town and couldn't make it, so we came up with another option for Sloane. Jeremy flew back from Seattle last night while we were sleeping. I told Sloane that she could skip the hour long grandparent celebration at school and instead have "Donuts with Dorks"... (me and Jeremy) in the morning. She was excited!

I don't know if Shipley's Donuts is a thing around your town, but HOLY MOLY they are good! Here's some photos from our morning.