Grammy Night!

Well, here's something completely different! What a awesome experience for Jeremy! He got all fancy and flew to California for the Grammys. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen were nominated for Bluegrass Album of the year. They didn't win, but they are forever Grammy Nominees!!!! What an incredible honor!!!!

Here's a clip of the category and winner being announced, followed by Jeremy's Grammy Nominee pendent (which is the coolest thing ever!)

My favorite photo that Jeremy took all weekend. :)

Jeremy and Frank having a chat with Chick Corea. This is an actual picture of Jeremy going fan boy on someone.

And also THIS!! We are big Jim Gaffigan fans! Jim was nominated for Best Comedy Album. He's HUGE!!!!!!

Famous people, famous people, and more famous people. I told Jeremy to soak it up and take a ton of pics. He did good!