Here they are! We were a last minute mess this Halloween, which is not at all like me! Mini Session season, soccer, and cheer are taking up all of our precious time and we were so behind to the costume picking this year. Sloane couldn't decide what she wanted to be and the day before Halloween she finally decided on a hippie! Addison and her friends dressed as people from the movie "The Purge". Then there's Finley, who has told me for the past 2 months that he didn't want to dress up this year. That is, until 7pm the night before. So he was so excited to wear his costume from last year again.

And I didn't even dress up the dogs! What is wrong with me?! Next year, people! Next year!

Here's the girls before they headed out to a party.

Earlier in the day, Sloane's school had a Halloween parade through the halls and a party. Here's her class.

Sloane and her bestie, Camryn!

Autopsy of a witch!