Happy 15th Birthday, Finley!

Holy Moly! FIFTEEN! Today is Finley's actual birthday! We already had the party, plenty of gifts, cake, but we had a few surprises in store for him!

This gift right here! This is a huge one that he knew nothing about. He started a youtube channel this Spring and has joined a group of animators who make videos about each other. They practice on several programs, chat about stories that they want to make, and follow each other and help each other get more subscribers. That's a huge deal in the youtube world.... SUBSCRIBERS!

Finley was nearing his first 100 subscribers and he was wondering if youtube did anything for the people that hit that goal. They don't. They give a fancy plaque to people who hit 100,000 subscribers or more. Hmm... I had an idea. I went on Etsy and found a person that makes them and will customize them for you. Here he is getting it. It says "Congratulations FinnSpin on surpassing 100 subscribers". FinnSpin is his youtube name. He was shocked and SO excited! Check out the video below this photo. It was he most favorite present ever, he said.

Finley and his youtube play button award.

Next, we went to the pool. Addison was working and I had to see what that looked like with my own eyes. Also, another miracle that occurred was Finley and Sloane playing together.

She is about to do manual labor and pick up a table! Working!

This is more work than I have ever seen her do! haha!

When we got home, Rikki and Lillian stopped by and surprised Finley with a birthday cake!

Sweet girls! He's so happy!

He's soaking up every moment! Happy Birthday, Fin!