Happy Birthday, Grammie!

We had the BEST birthday for Grammie! My one request was to take this photo!

Look at that GLAM!!

I can't believe that this woman is 75!

We surprised her with the best present! We reached out to as many friends as possible without using facebook! I couldn't post it because she would see it. We started a month before her birthday and by the time her birthday rolled around, she had 90+ letters! They were being mailed to me and my brother. My sister-in-law gave us an old suitcase to use, I snuck through moms pictures a took a few to use for the decoration, and we pulled this amazing thing together. I asked them to send a card, memory, or something to wish her a happy birthday. We were blown away by the response! Most importantly, so was she!

The suitcase had 3 sections.

Layer 1 was a picture of her and her parents when she was an infant, a 1945 newspaper page showing all of the prices and most popular things that year, and a REAL "Congratulations on your new baby" card that was given to her parents when she was born from Mr. Willoughby, who was a man that my grandmother worked for and my mom once worked for too.

Layer 2 was individual letters from each of us. Darren's whole family and my whole family. Each person took the time to write their own letter.

Layer 3 blew her away. That was the huge pile of letters from friends. She just couldn't believe it. It ended up taking her 2 days to read them all!

Trying to see who all sent them.

Best Birthday EVER!