First of all, I screwed up my surprise in the video. I said, "Spring Break" and I meant to say "Fall Break". Too much excitement on my part! Also, I hate my voice. Whatevs...

Addison was invited by her best friend's family to go to Hawaii on Fall Break! HAWAII!!!! How in the world could we not give her this opportunity?! She'll be flying into Maui and staying there for a couple of days and then heading over to Oahu. They are planning on spending some time on the North Shore, so they want our old address just in case they can stop by and see where Jeremy and I used to live. SO EXCITING!!!

Remember that time you were invited by your friend to go to Hawaii when you were in high school? Yeah, me neither. I once went to Florida with my friend Tifini and we spent a week at her grandparents' house. Her grandmother was not a nice gal and didn't like me at all. She made me sleep alone in "the clock room" on a cot. The room was covered wall to wall with her collection of 100+ cuckoo clocks. Then, she complimented everyone on their tans and looked at me and said, "What happened to you?"

Anyway, HAWAII!!!!!!!!!