Fall Break In Hawaii!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Let me tell you a little story about a girl that got to go to Hawaii with her best friends family. We'll file this story under "Things that never happened to me". ;)

Addison's best friend, Rikki, invited Addison to come to Hawaii during fall break. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR HER! Rikki's family left on Saturday. These 2 had to stay behind because they had cheer practice on Monday and Tuesday. In the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, 3:30am to be exact, I took these 2 to the airport. They were flying from Nashville to Denver and then Denver to Maui. The plan was for Addison and Rikki to meet up with the family in Maui, stay the night, and then fly to Oahu the next day. They were arriving in Maui at 1:30pm.

Total flight time would be 10 hours. Bring on the jet lag!

Here's a pic of them as they were about to head to the gate in Nashville.

I kept up with Addison on Snapchat.

They were really excited to leave Denver, but the 7 hour flight that they had ahead of them... not so much!

Addison likes to take pictures of Rikki sleeping and use them against her later. haha!

They made it!

This was the first Hawaii photo that she sent me. She actually facetimed me to show me this view from the hotel. They immediately got their swimsuits on and laid out. She was overwhelmed with how beautiful everything was!

Rikki's mom got them a pineapple drink as soon as they got there.

Welcome to traveling with teenagers. All selfies, all the time!

The kids!

Addison's barrette verses a real flower.

And then they flew to Oahu. Here's the view from the hotel on Waikiki Beach.

They toured Pearl Harbor.

The took my suggestion and went snorkeling at my old, favorite snorkeling spot at Hanauma Bay.

This is the place that I miss and think of the most when I think about when we lived in Hawaii.

Hanauma Bay

This cracked me up. Addison said they were STRUGGLING!

The spent their last day at the Polynesian Center. So cool!

I hope she never forgets this trip and I hope that we can take her someday too!