Hello, Asthma and Allergies!

Earlier this week, I took Sloane to an Asthma and Allergy doctor. We had pretty much determined 2 weeks earlier that she had Exercise Induced Asthma (which I also had as a kid). Her breathing and struggling during soccer games was all too familiar to me. Our doctor gave her an inhaler and taught her how to use when needed. Her first time using it was during that 2 1/2 mile run she did. She was happy to have it and noticed a big difference.

We were sent to a specialist to get things checked out because the doctor also thought that she might have allergies as well. AND THEN.... she also has what looks like eczema on her elbows (it's always been there). The doctor said that when you have a skin condition, allergies, and breathing problems, that it's almost always exercise induced asthma. It's called Tri...so...and...so. Funny thing is that I had to get allergy shots as a kid, terrible years with hives, and exercise induced asthma! I have Tri...so...and...so too! You're welcome, Sloane!

Here's Sloane taking her breathing test and failing. We laughed how it lets you know you fail! haha!

Here's where the allergy test starts. Each column has 2 sides on both sides of the dot. You'll see the chart below that I labeled. The plus sign at the top is Histamine, which you'll see she has no reaction to. This means that antihistamines probably don't help her at all. When Addison had this test done a few years ago, the only thing that blew up on her back was the histamine. Interesting!

You are seeing the liquid from each allergen in the first photo. If it swells up like a mosquito bite, then she is allergic.

This is after 15 minutes. Scroll down one more photo to see what allergy it is. Just count the blue dots as rows. That one dot on the left side of column A is cats. The right side of column A shows that she's allergic to a ton of grasses. She has a few trees in column C and D.

Yay, Sloane... but not!

They didn't test the 2 sections that I X'ed out because that would require more intense shots down her arms... maybe later.

This is her being happy that she is weird. ;)