Hello, Sunny Florida!

This is a big day! Yes, Disney, but also PLANE RIDES! This was Sloane's first plane trip. Finley felt like it was his first because he has no memory of flying at 2 years old. lol.

Our plane was leaving 6 hours before Addison's plane was scheduled to leave. She was heading to the airport with the cheerleaders way after us.

Sloane is all smiles at the food court!

Finley was SO EXCITED!!!

"MOM! Let's take a plane selfie!"

He is too much! hahahaha!

Here we go!

And here's what we saw as soon as we walked into our hotel!

Here's the view from our room! Gorgeous!

And from the opposite view.

Didn't take long to find a pool!

We walked across the street to the Polynesian Hotel to check it out.

Meanwhile, at the Nashville Airport!

A little good luck treat for the girls.