Holy Homecoming Week!


Homecoming week started with the dance last weekend and went through the whole week with events at school and Junior/Senior wars in the non-school hours. We had a feeling that our house was going to get hit. I can't complain. Some house had eggs thrown, chocolate syrup on CARS, and flour penises drawn on driveways. I am not complaining with what we got! It was getting WAY out of hand.

Around 7pm we talked about moving all cars to the garages or around back in the pitch black area. Thankfully, Jeremy made sure that Addison's car was moved around an hour or two before it all went down. At 10:15pm, Jeremy was in the kitchen, I was going in an out of sleep on the couch, and Addison was in her room. Suddenly, Owen (the Golden Retriever) goes by the front door (which is a window door) and howls the loudest alert howl. It was an alarm. It was a protective I am going to eat you howl! I jumped up and said, "IT'S THEM!!!!" and Addison yelled something... could have been a bad word... probably many! haha! And we ran outside! There were about 15 boys in our yard and they were running as fast as they could up the yard and across the street. Owen, the hero dog, scared them to death as they were FLIPPING MY TRAMPOLINE UPSIDE DOWN! Bless your heart, Owen!

Addison took off across the street after them. Not sure what she was planning on doing, but she ran, fell in a ditch, and ran again! She caught up to them as they were driving off. I stopped at the top of the driveway because, to be honest, I was braless. There's no need to scar these kids for life, right? I stood ready with my phone and got a picture of one of 4 cars that drove off!

Addison and I cleaned up right away and after about 30 minutes, the guys started texting Addison about how scary our dog is and what kind of dog did we have because he sounded terrifying. Here's a golden, honey. haha! We were so proud of him! They told her that it took all 15 of them to flip the trampoline over. I made sure that she told them that it only took 2 girls to flip it back. ;)

Here's some pics from the night.