How We Filled Our Day!

I don't know how people are bored during this. We seem to keep busy almost every minute. Sometimes we nap. Mmmmm.... naps.

We received this picture from Sloane's teacher today. You might remember about a week ago I posted a picture of Sloane with a "thank you" poster that she made for some nurses. One of these nurses is her teacher's daughter. The teachers took all of the photos with the posters and made a collage. The masks that they are wearing were made by Sloane's best friend Camryn. Love it!

Jeremy and Sloane went on a bike ride today and walked around Rock Castle (which is down the street) and hung out at the lake for a bit.

Finley lounged with Stella.

And then Finley lounged on the deck for 2 hours, which is his new favorite spot!

Sloane tried to get Finley to play pie face, but we all know that Finley is NOT going to do that! So he just watched and encouraged. Make sure you check out the video at the end, it's so funny!

Prepare for a dance and a boy whose voice has gotten SUPER deep!

And this baby just followed me around looking cute all day!