It's Room Makeover Day!

One of the bonuses to this house is that it's 5 bedrooms. What to do with that extra bedroom! It's been used for storage, music equipment, and finally it was Owen's room. His giant crate really didn't allow for too much else to go on in there. Until we set him free! Out with the crate and in with the freedom. I'm taking this room back!

Jeremy and I have been talking for a while about his posters from different shows that he has played. He grabs or purchases them from the gigs and festivals. It's such a great collection and we wanted to find a way to use them and honor his hard work!

This room has been Granny Smith Apple Green since we moved in here. I just didn't have the will to change it. When I repainted the den recently and got rid of the blue, I had an idea. Everyone loves the blue that I used so much that I wanted to paint it in this room and calm it down a bit in here!

Here goes the changes! I painted all of the walls blue except for one wall black. Hmm, why black? Well, I was gifted a blue velvet couch and I needed a contrast wall!

Here's the black wall! The couch photographs a little different than it actually looks in person. This gold lights were found on Varagesale (an online yard sale). I'm going to do a black macrame wrap around the cords to help hide them.

Why the funky colors of pillows and blankets? I need something to go with these posters!

You'll see!

First we took the posters downstairs and spread them across the playroom floor to decide our arrangement.

Then we brought the posters up one row at a time and stuck them to the wall with command tape.

Here's the finished wall! It's so busy! The rest of the room is very tame and calm which makes this feature wall look AMAZING!

All that is left is the lamp cords to be wrapped, update the ceiling fan, and get a TV so this can become a video game/movie/hangout room!