It's Turtle Day!


This morning we woke up and a turtle was up in the grass area between the water and the driveway. Remember when I took pictures of that turtle a couple of months ago? Same spot! I really didn't think this was "my" turtle though. I thought he looked a little different. Sloane and I decided to mark him with a heart so we could keep track of him. Fingernail polish is how breeders and others tag their turtles. It's very common. That's important to know...

Honeysuckles are in bloom!

Then, the most amazing thing happened! Jeremy found a baby turtle! However, prognosis not so good. He was mowing today and while he was blowing the sidewalk he saw it flipped upside down where the sidewalk meets the driveway. See that arm? It looks like some fingers are gone. One of his back legs looks deformed or mangled. No blood, not a new injury, but not good.

While we have this baby in our possession, we are giving it the best days!