Letting Loose!

These guys are starting to feel trapped. I can not complain at all because they have been amazing during this whole quarantine. Finley hasn't left the house since March 14th other than the one time he ran a mile with Addison across the street at the track. Today, he called me in his room and he was in tears. He didn't really know why but he just felt sad about it all. I told him that tomorrow we would get out of the house and go for some walks outside of the neighborhood probably on the edge of the lake. I think he needs to see that life is happening and not just what he has caught on TV. There's a really high spot about a mile down the road where people go to watch the sunset. It's the highest peak in town. You can literally see the skyscrapers in downtown Nashville from it. He's never been so I told him that we would go there too!

Sloane had a moment last week where she broke down in tears too. I put a mask and gloves on her and took her to the grocery with me. She wasn't allowed to touch anything! She was so much better after that. They just need to know it's going to be ok. Afterwards she was fine.

I was editing photos today and I turned around to these faces. They said they were bored and so I told them to follow me. It was time to play in the rain!

We recently put up a screen over the doorway to the deck. The dogs are LOVING it! It pulls itself closed with magnets and they can come and go as they please. Our deck is on the 2nd level with now stairs so they can't escape.

It's almost time to clean off the deck and make it ready for spring and summer. So excited!