Mini Cheer Camp!

On Saturday, Addison's cheerleading team held a mini cheer camp. This was Sloane's 3rd year to attend. It's a 3 hour camp where the kids learn cheers and a dance. Sloane always hates the performance part and actually asked me to pick her up early. When I showed up, she decided to perform at the last minute. She'll kill me if she finds out that I posted a video, so don't ever mention anything about it!! However, I'm SO proud of you, Sloane!

These 3 are all friends and in the same grade and they are all little sisters to an HHS cheerleader.

I don't even know what to say here...

Part of the HHS girls.

Sloane on the far left.

I was happy to catch Addison and Sloane in the frame together.

Celebration pyramid!