New Things!

Today, Finley and his JRROTC group walked around the neighborhoods for FOUR hours selling coupon books. Finley was already the top seller in his class due to a facebook post that I made, but he wanted more! He didn't have to do this, but he said that he wanted to try something new and go door to door talking to people and selling. This is huge for him!

He and this girl, Kennedy, walked around together and took turns going to the houses. He had so much fun. I'm seeing a whole new kid this year and I LOVE it!!

While Finley was selling books, Sloane talked me into going to the pet store to look around. It's her favorite place!

Sloane and I were waiting for the truck to drive around the neighborhoods and pick up all of the JRROTC kids. We thought we'd use our stadium seats and balance them on the back of the van to sit.

Everything going good....

And then.... SPLAT!

What a dork! haha!