Oh, Monday. You're So Cruel.

It all started beautifully. Sloane sold some of her things on Varagesale and turned around and spent her money on a horse and a horse trailer for her dolls. Addison, whose favorite thing in the world is taking small things out of packages and setting them up, helped Sloane get everything together. Beautiful, right?

And then this happened!

Sloane and Jeremy went on a bike ride and Sloane had a really bad wreck in part of the road that was broken up into a pothole type of gravel spot. Does that even make sense?

Jeremy called me to come and get them. It was terrible!

All that I can say is that she's lucky she didn't lose a tooth or break her nose. Her face is pretty busted up!

I tried really hard to calm her down, make her giggle, cover her in Neosporin ointment, bandaids, ace bandages, and smooches. She spent the rest of the day resting. So sad!

When night came, these two put on masks again. They are obsessed, for real!

Flexing to keep this masculine! haha!