Outdoors And Indoors

Addison has to keep up with her skills for cheer. Tryouts were already supposed to happen and have been on hold due to the quarantine. Sloane loves when they get the mat out so she can try and learn new things too!

Keeping her back tuck in check.

Trying new things.

I finally hung things down the newly painted hallway. They photo gallery that I used to have at the other end of the house has been taken down for something new. I put up some of the frames (the black ones) down this hallway instead.

The is a wood chevron that I got from Varagesale last year that someone made. I added hooks yesterday and finally hung it.

One of Sloane's homework assignments was to write some sort of thank you to the doctors and nurses. Sloane's teacher has a daughter that is a nurse. She printed these pictures and put this together herself. Her teacher is going to share it with her daughter and the staff.

On a side note, Sloane's eyes are completely swollen in this picture. She is having the worst allergies ever! She literally walked outside to tumble with Addison and came in with one eye swelled shut. Last year she had allergy testing done and she is allergic to everything that I am. Trees, grasses, THE EARTH! We are giving her allergy meds daily and hopefully this won't last long because it's misery!! Poor girl!