Penny, The Kitten

Holy MEOW! We got a kitten! THIS HAPPENED!

Basically, Sloane and I broke Jeremy down and one day he said, "We could do that." Sloane and I were dumbfounded and then 24 hours later we had Penny.

Sloane has a cat allergy and so do I. However, I was never bothered by the cat that I grew up with, Wilbur, because he was only 6 weeks old when I got him. So here we go trying it again. Sloane pretty much has every allergy that I have. Our tests are almost identical. We've had a hard Spring this year. It hit us both really bad and it comes and goes. The day before we got the kitten, it kicked in again. Jeremy thought we were having kitten reactions, but we I reminded him that it was already here. She's too young to be putting us off already.

ANYWAY, Here's Penny. We picked her out online. There were a long list of comments, shares, and wants on her picture. I called the shelter and we paid for her over the phone! I got her from the same shelter that Stella came from in Hopkinsville, Tn. It's on the other side of Clarksville.

Here's kitten photo overload of her first day!

That first picture was what the shelter posted on facebook. After we adopted her over the phone, we headed to Kentucky to pick her up. Sloane was not expecting her to be so small!


She went from Sloane's lap to the box and back and forth the whole way home.

They slept.

They played.

We stopped and saw Grammie on the way home!

Anxious household was waiting for us in the driveway!

They dogs were very curious!

Someone is trying to keep Penny all to herself!

So tiny!

And my favorite photo of the day, taken with the big girl camera. :)