Pep Rally And Game Night

Just giving you a peek into yesterday's pep rally and game. This school year is flying by and we are trying to soak up every second that we can of Addison's junior year!

Team pose after their hard work during a 2 hour pep rally!

Here's a tumbling pass that Addison did at the game. She's the first one that tumbles.

Addison the closest cheerleader to the camera in the next video.

This school has SO much school spirit! I just love it!

"I'm so glad I go to HHS! I'm so glad I go to HHS! I'm... so glad... I go to HHS, singing Glory Hallelujah (Whoo), I'm so glad!"

This has elements of 2 different routines that they will be doing at Disney. They don't want to give away the full routine of either yet.

Addison is dead center at the beginning and then she is holding the "D".