Rainy Days And Entertaining Ourselves

It has rained... so much! We are ready to spend more time outside! We've been trapped indoors for a couple of days and we tried to make the best of it. Sloane, wearing the same shirt for 3 days, got to add a flash to my camera and take some indoor pics. Stella was delighted to strike a pose for her!

She's been getting on Zoom with Camryn and they figured out a way to play together online in the same video game.

Banner was practicing his weight lifting on the girls.

I made a super long and complicated muffin recipe that was called "donut muffins". Worth it, yes, but I'll tweak a couple of things next time.

Dipping the muffin top in a glaze.

Jeremy played video games, Owen watched. Lol. This cracks me up!

Banner and Addison had their prom canceled, so they danced in the kitchen instead.

And I was just wondering..

Where the heck is all of the matches to these socks??????