Random Things We Did!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Back to normal? Nope, not yet. Just tiny adjustments. Jeremy played music online again. That hasn't happened since the beginning of the quarantine. Behind that facebook page is another open window where I was starting to edit pictures. Yep, I've had 2 senior sessions this week. These were 2 students that were supposed to get their pictures done in March, so they were postponed until now. So, Jeremy and I were both working a little this week.

Penny got a new house. It's technically called "The Meow Hut", per the tag. She LOVES it!

Penny also got a cat tower. She loves it too! For now, she has been still staying in Owen's old room with small supervised visits to the den since we got her. She's just so small.

Camryn and Sloane are still together. They are blissfully happy!

Later in the week, we moved the cat tower to the den. This kitten is ready to roam a little more!

Here's my new favorite find on Varagesale this week! A double lounge chair!

Finley has a doctors appt every 3 months to monitor his medication and self. He's grown an inch in 3 months. He's now 5'6" and weighs 105lbs.

And here's my cat photo for the week. So pretty!