Ok, this feels old. It's sinking in that my kids are growing up too fast. The days are long but the years are short!

Addison's birthday started off with early morning birthday cinnamon rolls (Sloane's idea). Finley and I whisper sang to her because we were the only ones awake. Now off to school!

I told Jeremy that I wanted to put a balloon on Addison's car and get some for the house as well. I went to The Ultimate Party Store (that's the name) and picked up 6 big pink and gray balloons and one giant unicorn balloon. The unicorn was for the car. I needed to draw attention to her. ;) I like to surprise her and I like to embarrass her. It's my place in life.

I drove to the school, unlocked her car, and tied this beauty to something inside the drivers side. Then, I went back to my car and looked. It was way up front and blowing on the hood of her car. "I should move it to the back!", I said to myself, "Then it will blow above the car!" So I got out, untied it, and retied it to something in the back. When I got ready to close the door, THE BALLOON CUT LOOSE AND FLEW AWAY!!!!!!!

I died.

When I recovered, I called Jeremy and cussed up a storm! I drove back to The Ultimate Party Store and told them what happened. They were nice enough to give me another TEN DOLLAR BALLOON for free! They said, "It's like when you order pizza and drop it before you sit down to eat it. Here's a free one!"

I want to marry them.

So, I went back to the stupid school and tied up a SECOND unicorn balloon up. I was relieved and proud. I texted Jeremy the picture below and said, "SUCCESS!". Once I hit send, I realized that I accidentally texted Addison instead!


Here's how it went. Pay no attention to my text errors. I was talking into my phone and panicking. No time to fix that stuff when you are having an anxiety attack!!

I left the school and went to pick up flowers and a cake. I grabbed a pretty, round, vanilla cake. This guy says, "Can I help you?" I notice that he's not really standing behind the bakery counter, he's more behind the bread counter. So I say, "Uh... Can you fit Happy Birthday Addison on here?" and he says, "OH SUREEEEEEE!"

I feel unsure about something. Not sure what yet, but unsure....

And then he hands me THIS! The tiniest handwriting on a cake EVER! What in the actual heck is this?? I can't even take a picture for you to really see how ridiculous this looks! This cake is small! The handwriting is TINY!

After cheer, Addison came home. We were all there to annoy her as she came in the door. :)

We made plans for a family dinner. She picked Rio Bravo. I texted her 2 best girlfriends and asked them to text the guy friends to meet us at the restaurant. Addison was surprised when she walked in and everyone was waiting. She was happy. She had a great day and enjoyed all my drama.

Happy 17th birthday, Addison! We love you!