State Champs!!!!

Hendersonville High School Cheer won the State Championship in the Small Varsity Division for Routine! This is HUGE!!!!! Last year they won for their Game Day routine, but this is different than Game Day. This is MUCH harder! To top it off, they lost one of their flyers (girls on top) this week because she was competing somewhere else with another team she is on that is non-school related, which was drama! So they had to totally revamp their routine a week and a half ago, add an alternate, lose a middle stunt group for part of the routine and go for it!! They were so scared and they totally nailed it!! I'm not allowed to post the routine on facebook because they have to keep it low-key until Nationals in February, but I wanted you all to see it!!!

Here's where you can find Addison....

-In the beginning, she will be up front and the 2nd girl from the right on the screen.

-When they tumble, she is the first girl on the right on the screen.

-When they are holding signs, she is holding the letter "D".

The Juniors celebrating ZERO deductions!!!


The Awards Ceremony announcements