Summer Has Begun!

I'm playing catch up. The neighborhood pool opened, kind of. They are only allowing a very limited capacity at a time, chairs are in groups and those groups are 6 feet apart, and the concession stand is closed. On the bright side, Addison is working here! She got her first job! She will eventually work in the concession stand, but for now she is walking around cleaning and sanitizing all of the ladders, rails, chairs, and so on the entire time. Yep, Addison is a cleaner. Thank you, Universe!

We have allowed Camryn to come back over. Sloane could not be happier! They really love being together and they get along so well!

Sloane is even more in love with Penny.

Finley is even more in love with Penny.

Owen is not so sure about Penny.

Stella is letting Penny explore her. She's being a good playmate.

And for no reason at all, here's a selfie that Finley took with his leg behind his head.

You're welcome!