The Animals

Somehow, we ended up with 2 dogs, a cat, and a fish. How did we get here? We are done! The Inn is full!

The dogs are adjusting to Penny being here, kind of. Stella is welcoming her with open arms and playing with her all of the time. Owen is observing. He's deciding. Here's a picture of him telepathically asking me, "Why did you do this to me again?!"

But Penny's just walking around putting herself in things and being adorable!

Her favorite thing to do with Stella is play with Stella's tail. I'm shocked at how well Stella tolerates it!

Owen, still deciding....

Stella is trying to comfort Owen. She's pulling triple duty playing sister, wifey, and mommy.

And Penny... adorable and fuzzy.

Snuggling with her baby.

Owen is trying really hard to relax but he can't believe that Penny has the audacity to touch his foot!!!

We'll get there!