The Last Of 2020 Cheer And A Few Other Things We Did

Due to the Spring quarantine, I didn't get to take these cheerleaders pictures when I was supposed to. This first photo will be on a 4 foot by 8 foot banner right when you walk into the school. It is celebrating the incredible year that they had. State Champs!

Because this is their last time together, we decided to take a few fun pics too! 3 girls are graduating and moving on. They are all a great group of friends! I'm so glad that Addison is a part of something like this!

The graduating seniors!

Their last huddle!

Meanwhile, in Sloane's new world. Dogs and kitty are allowed in her room and on her bed (at night only). We have had gates on every door in this house for 3 years and the dogs slept in crates. Now all of the gates are gone and the dogs are free. Sloane is LOVING it!

Finley is helping with the animals too! We are learning that he loves cats. He's also helping me walk the dogs!

Funny pool pic of Sloane!

The concession stand is closed for the summer at the pool. However, food trucks are coming by and everyone is loving it!

Sloane was needing some craft supplies! Wear your masks!

My artsy girl!