The Weekend

What a full weekend at home! Sloane and I hung the sprinkler over the trampoline and she spent so much time playing. It's her new favorite thing to do!

As you may know. I cut Finley's hair. He hates it. It's too short. It was not the original hair plan and he didn't like the change. Turns out 1/2" clipper size is pretty short! I'm out of practice.

Here's your one peek. He said, "I can't believe I'm bald now!" He's actually throwing in some jokes and sarcasm just to make sure that I feel the burn.

That turtle that we painted a heart on. Remember him? Well, he actually came up to the edge of the driveway to die. That's right, dead. I marked him with the heart of death. Our polish didn't hurt him, that's how breeders and other mark turtles so I knew it was safe, but he was old. Now he's dead. Not cool, turtle!

Jeremy moved him to the water and he just floated. Ew.

When one thing dies, 3 come alive. Is that how it works? We have new baby ducks. This is a terrible picture but I RAN out there when I saw these babies and then they swam as fast as they could away from me!

As we are making changes to Owen's room (the future video game room) Sloane is taking it over. She brought her tv in there and watched movies for a few hours. Even though Owen sleeps in a crate in here every night, the dogs are excited that they have a new daytime hangout. Also, Sloane has a bowl of popcorn in her lap.