We Busted Out!

After the little breakdown from yesterday, I promised the kids that we would spend sometime outside... not in our yard... not in our neighborhood. We headed to the walking path that starts near our library. It takes you under one of the main roads. I knew Finley and Sloane would love it (Addison had been before). Everyone was so happy to just be somewhere new! When we got to the underside of the road, they all climbed the super steep ramp.

Getting down was not so easy! It's way steeper than it looks!


These paths remind me of when we lived in Virginia. They were everywhere there.

After our long walk, Addison and I wanted to take them to the highest point in Hendersonville. It's a neighborhood in our peninsula that is right down the road from us.

They were shocked at the view! This is a popular place to go and see the sunset. I don't know why I had never taken the 2 of them before!

You can even see the Nashville skyline from it!

After we came home, Banner came over for dinner and they kids played games all night. I bought these very tacky corn hole boards for super cheap on Varagesale. I couldn't pass them up they were such a good deal. However, "shut up and throw" isn't really my thing, so we plan on painting them!

Today was a very successful day!